About Highway 385

“The true voice of Middle America . . .”


Highway 385 has a comforting sound that takes you back to the pure roots of what this country is all about with music that comes from the soul. It’s the true voice of Middle America. It’s all about family, it’s all about trust, it’s about purity of life in the flatlands of our country.


If it’s anything, it’s laid-back Bluegrass by good ‘ol guys just gettin’ together to enjoy their music. Americana, the way it’s meant to be.


Terry Souther

Dan Steerman

Coming to you from Idalia, Colorado


E.J. Carpenter

Wray, Colorado


James Lightle

Burlington, Colorado


These are the members of the tightest darned group of guys who ever picked strings. When the band gets together, it’s traveling down Highway 385 that gets them there. And that’s why they call themselves: Highway 385.


Highway 385 is a group that defies pigeonholing.   They’re Bluegrass. Nope, they’re a little bit country. Nope, there’s also that 50s rock’n’roll . . . And then, just as you think you have the sound pegged, they’ll rift into something entirely different … yet totally captivating.


The boys in this band enjoy each other’s company. It shows in their faces, in their postures and in the music. They’re just a bunch of country boys from the High Plains of Eastern Colorado having a good time. You’re going to really enjoy listening to Highway 385 because it brings together four talented men who love their music and, even more, sharing their talent with their audience.