EJ Carpenter

Highway 385 Bluegrass Band Member EJ CarpenterEJ Carpenter plays mandolin, guitar, bass, and sings lead and harmony for the group. He grew up around music. His father played the accordion and coronet, his mother, the piano, and Sunday evenings, with his brothers, E.J. would dance around the coffee table as his dad played a polka or mom, a gospel tune. Starting on the coronet at age 5, he joined his school's high school jazz band at 10, picking up a guitar at 11 and teaching himself to play at night in the dark. During college years, E.J. continued playing in coffee houses and anywhere he could find a gig, eventually taking that love of music back to the Eastern Plains where it's still an integral part of his life. E.J. got together with the group in the spring of 1999, when they discovered their shared passion for Bluegrass.

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